The Observer by Jonas Van Put

Jonas Van Put creates steel furniture with which he wants to provoke social interaction and where the fun factor plays an important role. A perfect example of this is the meeting room BuzziJungle: a construction inspired by the vertical section of a tropical forest and recently seen at Interieur Kortrijk.

My favorite design by Van Put is the Observer, a chair which brings eye level to a height of 5.2 meters and which therefore shifts the horizon. Sitting on Observer, you can theoretically see for a distance of 8 kilometres, 1.75 times further than at normal eye level. I saw (and tested) this meter-high viewing chair during the arts festival in Watou last year.


The Observer blends perfectly in the atmosphere that I created around Georges and you can see it here in the mood boards.

Currently Jonas is one of the 32 creatives who – thanks to Urban Crafts – have the chance to travel to New York to participate in the Maker Fair. Discover his work and participation here:

© IMAGES : Minh Son Nguyen, Cathérine Duval, Chris Bradley  & VIDEO : Urban Crafts
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