Are you interested in an update on the latest design trends and professional advice on which ones you should tap into? Do you need guidance in shaping your brand’s identity and defining a future style and design language? Would you like to be visually inspired with impactful moodboards or do you need a tailored colour strategy for your product range? Or could you use a hand with creative direction and/or graphic execution, ranging from bespoke patterns to packaging design?
Then let’s see what I can do for you.

It is my strength to quickly understand the design brief or the needs of clients, to re-think the obvious and deliver forward-thinking concepts and creative solutions. For each project, I’m entirely committed to realising its full potential, clarifying future design opportunities, and helping you – whether you are a brand manager, retailer or manufacturer – to make well-informed decisions. 




My work originates from in-depth trend research and market analysis: I closely analyze art, lifestyle and design trends, ever-evolving consumer behaviour, cultural shifts and sociological trends. Over the past years, I have developed a comprehensive understanding of macro- and micro-trends for different markets, identifying and mapping what’s next for colours and materials, prints and patterns, furniture and interior design, products and packaging, as well as sustainable solutions. For each project, I pinpoint which trends are relevant for the specific market at the right time, and distill the bigger picture into carefully composed trend stories.  


That thorough research as well as my professional expertise as colour expert and graphic designer, form a solid base for the conceptual development phase.  I then curate abstract ideas into comprehensive, powerful moodboards geared towards a specific market, to provide stories that resonate with your customers. This way I aim to inspire and guide your desired style direction, so we can confidently evaluate and update your branding, or create consistency in your product range.


Based on the visual concept, I can provide creative direction and graphic execution: attention-grabbing packaging design, strong patterns and colour schemes, bold logos and tyography, to make your brand or collection stand out. I’m dedicated to supplying you with artwork that helps you achieve the desired look and feel for your product – from concept creation to product launch – balancing innovation with sustainability and a strong commercial viability.

I’m very interested to hear in what way I can be of assistance to you and your project. Please feel free to take a look at my portfolio and discover some projects I have realised thusfar as a concept developer and designer. 

I look forward to hearing from you.