Smykke, Danish for ornament: “a composition or decorative element that aims to decorate or enhance an object, building or parts thereof”. started out in 2016, as a platform where I combined what I simply enjoy doing in my free time: Sourcing flea markets, thrift shops and the worldwide web for original vintage pieces and combining them with new items to unique settings. I shared my finds on Facebook with my friends/followers, and worked out concepts with clear moodboards and presented decorative items in slideshows with atmospheric images, integrating items that were available in shops at that time, and the vintage alternatives I found on The result was an exhibition of my personal style, a showcase for my passion for interior and image.

Although I enjoyed curating these beautiful pieces for a few years, I stopped updating those vintage finds a while ago. I decided to keep these concepts as a part of the “bigger portfolio picture” so you can still discover which atmosphere group appeals to you and get inspired. Feel free to dive in and discover the complete stories by clicking on the moodboards below.

Please note that the original posts were written in Dutch and won’t be translated. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Initial. Idea.

I don’t like impersonal interiors that seem to come straight from a catalog or showroom and where you can barely live in. Conviviality, originality, authenticity and humor ultimately ensure that you can really come home somewhere.

Most interior magazines provide you with tons of inspiration for this. They report on the latest trends and show everything that fits within that particular style. My working method for these decoration concepts is slightly different: each concept is a puzzle, depending on strong images, colors and prints that appeal to me, and on original vintage items that I find during my shopping trips. I research magazines, visit fairs and design events and am therefore aware of everything that is going on, but for this particular project, trends are not my guiding principle.


Vintage. Finds.

In addition to the decorative value of second-hand items, the sustainable aspect, quality and functional design are often added value. Yet it is mainly the story behind it, the character of a vintage object, that is always decisive for me. Artist / textile designer William Morris said “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”. Nothing wrong with happy hoarding, if you fill your house with beautiful things that make you happy.

There is no shortcut to find second hand treasures. I often browse flea markets, flatten thrift shops and check almost daily. I take the time to search really well, and therefore rarely come home empty-handed. With all those vintage finds I put together sets within the specific style and colors of one specific concept: groups of only second-hand items such as vases, lamps, crockery,… I have taken photographs of these items in small settings at home, and added these at the bottom of each concept page. (More info about availability and prices will be added later)

Decoration. Inspiration.

I try to cover as many styles as possible, and also in terms of budget there are several options: most items are affordable, but I also show more exclusive eye-catchers, design classics – whether or not purely for inspiration.

There is no golden rule for perfect styling. I am convinced that your own taste creates a unique style and will not get boring in the long run as long as you dare to experiment. Find out which Smykke atmosphere or color group suits you and choose the one that appeals to you. This can be a cushion, lighting, a piece of furniture, crockery, wallpaper, … By presenting all these products alongside a striking mood image, I would like to give you a fresh dose of inspiration, and an idea of ​​how products can strengthen each other by combining them in an original way. It’s my pleasure to introduce to you: Agatha, Georges, Judith, Frances, Jafar and Malik!


Please note: Every image I use in my mood boards can be found on this Pinterest page. For each concept there is a separate board, with for each atmosphere image I’ve added – as complete as possible – copyright information (source website, name of photographer, stylist or artist, …) For the products I propose, there is a link on the accompanying Pinterest board to an online point of sale. However, these products were selected in 2016 and may no longer be available. The vintage items were offered for sale at during the same period, but have been sold and are therefore not added on Pinterest. If you have questions or remarks concerning copyright, please contact me .