In november 2019 I started contributing to the seasonal trend reports of New York based trend agency Fashion Snoops. As trend researcher for the Pattern & Graphics department, I closely analysed trends in fashion, lifestyle, art, interior design, … and delivered visuals for their Visionary Reports, Seasonal Narratives and the Trend Stories they branch out into, and commercial updates. The moodboards below are the final results. All images © Fashion Snoops. 

Visionary Reports

Fashion Snoops’ Visionary Reports provide a visual outline of trends projected to influence style and design in the following 18 – 24 months. These stories are designed to be the starting point in the creative journey of their client, and reflect a wide perspective of influences across culture and industry lines. Visionary Reports focus on Fashion Snoops editors’ point-of-view on how to transform upcoming trends into concrete, sales-driven merchandising strategies. The reports offer concise mapping of themes, colors, key products, prints and materials that curate the seasonal design process.

FW 21/22 

FW21:22 Design Aesthetic WONDER

FW21:22 Design Aesthetic EDGE

FW21:22 Design Aesthetic GOODNESS

FW21:22 Design Aesthetic AMEND

Seasonal Narratives

Months after the more macro, cross-market Visionary forecasts go live, the editors at Fashion Snoops use the intelligence gained from the most influential runways and trade shows to develop closer-to-market, Seasonal Narratives that confirm and validate the original forecasts. The new Narratives provide concise, core messages that drive the season. Each Narrative branches out to include Fashion Snoops’ acclaimed Stories, which further explore trends on a capsule level.

S/S 21 : Fashion _Women

FS_Seasonal Narrative_SS21_Solstice

FS_Seasonal Narrative_SS21_Symposia

FS_Seasonal Narrative_SS21_Dharma

FS_Seasonal Narrative_SS21_Venture

Trend Stories

Trend Stories confirm and validate the original forecasts, and provide concise, core messages that drive the season.

F/W 21/22 : Home

F:W 21:22 Trend story_Home_Storybook

F:W 21:22 Trend story_Home_Beachy brut

F:W 21:22 Trend story_Home_Neue haus

F:W 21:22 Trend story_Home_Kismet

Commercial Updates

For the “Hot Now” postings, I followed the F/W 20/21 runway shows and analysed the trends, suggested themes, created collages and copy. The mini-report below was recently  published on the website.


FS_Hot Now



I love Martine’s commitment to creative research and her enthusiastic energy that she brings on a regular basis. During her time at Fashion Snoops, I was always impressed with the design ideas, artwork and innovative concepts that she brought forward to our team. Martine continuously went above and beyond, attending art and design tradeshows to gain more insight and offer a unique perspective that is so valuable in the trend forecasting world. I admire her tenacity and eagerness to grow in her skillset and expertise, with her genuine passion for the field shining through in each of the projects she worked on. Martine is a positive, determined and exceptional creative and I can’t wait to see what she takes on next!  

Rachael Gentner, Print + Graphics Trend Editor, Fashion Snoops


Most projects I work on start with a thorough research fase, with in-depth trend research and market analysis. I closely analyze art, lifestyle and design trends, ever-evolving consumer behaviour, cultural shifts and sociological trends. Over the past years, I have developed a comprehensive understanding of macro- and micro-trends for different markets, identifying and mapping what’s next for colours and materials, prints and patterns, furniture and interior design, products and packaging, as well as sustainable solutions. For each project, I pinpoint which trends are relevant for the specific market at the right time, and distill the bigger picture into carefully composed trend stories and comprehensive, powerful moodboards. Feel free to contact me if you need help with trend interpretation, concept development and/or creative visualisation of  your project.