I really enjoyed working on this project for Cedral Contemporary Sidings with the team of  Color Navigator, from the research phase to the final presentation of the colour strategy.

Phase 1 consisted of research & development of new colour ranges for the contemporary sidings project. Additional to the 6 best runners of the existing pallet, we were asked to propose 12 to 14 new colours for the markets Benelux, France, Germany and Denmark. After an intake of the current range and defining and mapping the type and hue of the colours, we also analysed the bestsellers in Europe and in specific regions.


CEDRAL_phase 1


What is happening now in facades? We created moodboards, showing timeless colours such as different shades of beige and grey, as well as contemporary colours, like blush rose, terracotta, jade and dusty pastels.


Based on all our findings, we selected a range of colours. We first checked the coverage of different colour types and then mapped them into the colour mood circle, to analyse the balance and contrasts between them. This shows the representation of all emotions in the collection, varied over the circle, so the collection will appeal to all states of mind of the designer, architect and consumer.

This covered, we determined a colour strategy based on 4 buyer persona, with geographical relevance in mind, and a balance between calming/activating and cooling/warm colours.

CEDRAL_phase 2


Finally we prepared the colour samples for a workshop with the team of experts at Cedral.

CEDRAL_Sample prep


Feel free to contact me if you need help defining a colour strategy for your brand or product.